Thursday, June 16, 2011

What is ZEMA?

An Agency in Zambia formerly (Environmental Council of Zambia - ECZ - ), that provides for integrated environmental management and the protection and conservationof the environment and the sustainable management and use of natural resources; provide for the preparation of the State of Environment Report.

The Environmental Management Act, 2011 was ENACTED by the Parliament of Zambia.

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  1. I wish to launch a complaint over the sewer line flowing through the drainage that passes through most of our yards here in Zingalume, Twikatane road, paradise area.

    We have been facing this public nuisance for over 4months from the time rain season ended. We have head allegations from general community that there is a bar and tavern who have allegedly found it cheaper to channel sewer lines into the drainage than to build ceptic tanks and soak aways.

    We escalated the issue to our ward councillor who has gone mute without sorting the problem. This has raised suspicions that maybe he was bribed or he has just a bad work culture.

    In a broader view, besides being a complaint on public nuisance, ZEMA should focus on enhancing environmental conservation. This drainage being contaminated might be leading to a stream being used for domestic works such as washing, cooking or even as drinking water leading to water borne diseases. For further details, call me on +26 0978212123 For pictures of present situation, write to